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Tan Plus was established in September, 1986 and is owned and operated by Ray and June Allard. The business was officially opened on Friday February 13,1987 within the Barclay Square commercial complex in Somersworth, New Hampshire.  Our involvement in the tanning industry actually began in 1982 in salon management and as tanning equipment distributors.

Many businesses today operate out of corporate offices and not from within.  Profits have taken priority over customer service and satisfaction, as owners have become "out of touch" with their customers. As the owner/operators of Tan Plus/Essentials Of Life, we are conscious of every phase of our business, not only because it is our "livelihood", but because we are customers too. We use the same products and services we sell to you. Every product that we carry was carefully researched and selected for quality, effectiveness, and value. We maintain constant contact with our suppliers to assure consistency. As tanning salon owners, we strive to provide you with what we expect ourselves... as consumers.

We have found sunlight and UV exposures in moderation to play a major role in the prevention of many degenerative diseases through vitamin D synthesis, necessary for calcium absorption. The visible spectrum of sunlight has also proven to be important in helping those suffering from depression, especially winter depression (aka/SAD).  While we fully support the need for sunlight and uv exposures, we have been outspoken critics of some of the practices endorsed and supported by the tanning industry (spray tanning, tingle lotions, and unlimited memberships).  We would not, in good conscience, subject our customers to practices we would not ourselves choose to engage in.  We have published a perspective on skincancer and featured special reports - Does Sunscreen Cause Cancer?- disclosing the cancer-causing ingredients used in sunblocks.  

Our journey expanded into natural health in 1994 as we were concerned about the inferior and potentially hazardous ingredients found in many tanning and skin care products. We began a partnership with a laboratory in Chicago to develop a skin care line using natural and organic ingredients known to be beneficial to the skin.
Essentials Of Life Was Created In 1995 As A Division Of Tan Plus

Disturbed by the impact of nutritional deprivation on health, and the environmental causes of degenerative disease led us in 1995 to begin compiling the components of Essentials Of Life (nutrition, air, water, and light).

2000...We established our presence on the Internet with the development of a 30 page website (since expanded to hundreds of pages). and began selling our "natural" products online in March, 2001.

Tan Plus/Essentials Of Life Was Named One Of The "Top 250 Salons" In The U.S.
By "Looking Fit" Magazine For 2001 And Again In 2002

2003... Many have expressed concerns that legs were more difficult to tan, whether indoors or from outdoor sun exposures. We had
found that poor circulation and lack of adequate moisture (dryness) resulted in slower tanning of the legs. We introduced a "new" innovation (the Legacy Leg Tanner) and worked with our chemist to develop a "new" lotion (LegStuff) to enhance the leg tanning process.

2006... Tan Plus began offering light therapy sessions featuring the Aurora™ 10,000 lux Bright Light System. Commonly referred to as a "light box", the Aurora is specifically engineered for those who have shown to be adversely affected by the lack of natural sunlight during the dark and depressing fall and winter months. The condition is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or winter depression. We have sold the Aurora™ light boxes and other "natural" lighting products in partnership with the manufacturer, Lumiram, since 1995.

2010... We partnered with China to introduce the Quantum Bio-Electric Health Analyzer to the U.S., a high-tech innovation that combines the best of medicine, bio-informatics, electrical engineering and other sciences. A non-invasive, painless tool to learn your health status in minutes without radiation and with no blood drawn. Applying quantum medicine as the theoretical basis, this advanced electronic equipment collects the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby analyzing and determining a person's health status and main problems and putting forward standard prevention recommendations. Sixteen health reports (has since been expanded to 36) are produced.

Our Mission Is To Provide Our Customers With The Best Value In Quality Services And Products, In A Clean
And Professional Environment, While Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle Through Innovation And Education.  
We Are Driven By Learning And Growing.
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