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What Is Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)?
How EMF's Affect Your Health
How Does The Amazing Diode Work?
Have the Diodes Been Tested For Effectiveness?
What Do People Feel
The Diodes Saved My Life

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What is EMF?

We live in an invisible sea of electromagnetic energy. Subtle energies constantly swirl in and around our bodies, whether or not we are aware of them. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are energy waves with frequencies below 300 hertz or cycles per second. The electromagnetic fields we encounter daily come from every day things such as power lines, radar and microwave towers, television and computer screens, motors, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, cell phones, electric blankets, house wiring and hundreds of other common electrical devices. These harmful electromagnetic radiations are causing health problems and biological damage. If you are exposed for a prolonged period of time to digital frequencies you can even have damage at the cellular level.

Some health effects linked with EMF:

• Eyestrain • Memory Loss • Depression • Loss of Energy • Irritability • Chronic Fatigue

• Inability To Concentrate • Weakened Immune System • Headaches • Backaches • Neck aches

It is best to avoid electromagnetic fields; but because avoidance is not always possible, new technologies, such as those developed by Ener-G-Polari-T Products, neutralize and balance energy fields around your body. The all natural ingredients of the Elemental Diode Products work by neutralizing and blocking the EMF radiation, by creating a protective shield of energy that is working with and supporting your own body's (polarities) electrical system. Your electrical system is your natural protector and keeps your body functional. The Elemental diode maintains a harmonious flow of positive energy through your meridians and down into the cellular level. You will experience less stress and more energy by the balancing and stabilizing effects of the Amazing Elemental Diode.

All of the Elemental Diode products are individually made by hand with the intention to protect and help humanity. The Amazing Diode products are made in the USA &endash; The original and the best, since 1964.

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How Electromagnetic Fields Affect Your Health

Electromagnetic fields (EMF's) are extremely low frequency below 300 hertz or cycles per second. The bottom of the electromagnetic spectrum takes in the 60 hertz alternating current that powers our homes, offices, schools and factories. This radiation as well as the radiation in microwaves and radar waves are higher in frequency and are non-ionizing. X-rays, gamma rays and nuclear radiation at much higher frequencies are ionizing radiations.

The electromagnetic fields that we encounter daily come from such things as televisions, , fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, wireless routers, home appliances, computer/laptops, X-rays, cell phones, blackberry and smart phones, electric blankets, hair dryers, motors, electric shavers and power lines. EMF's are silent, invisible waves that weaken with distance from their source. EMF's can pass through walls, floors and the human body. The only thing they cannot penetrate is iron. Every time electricity runs through a wire or activated appliance, it produces an electromagnetic field.

EMF's are measured in units called milligauss. A safe limit for homes is around 0.5 milligauss to a tolorable 2 milligauss. Typical milligauss exposure would be : electric blanket-20, TV-100, power drill-500, blow dryer-1400, electric shaver-1600, can opener-4000.

The faster the revolutions of a motor, the greater the EMF's coming from that appliance or item. All transformer-powered items, such as a telephone answering machine, give off strong EMF's. They are localized fields but very dangerous at the source 20 to 70 milligauss. Any appliance that is in plastic housing will be much better than one in a metal housing. Metal shows higher electromagnetic fields. EMF's disappear the instant electricity stops flowing through the coil. It is obvious what health hazards these EMF's can be to the human body.

You are hearing more and more about electromagnetic fields on television and in newspaper and magazine articles. A few years ago people may have thought you were weird or strange if you said a television or electric blanket had an affect on the human body. Now people are asking for more information and taking more interest of how EMF's are having an effect on them and their health. Everyone is asking the question "How are EMF's harming the body?"

When the electromagnetic waves pass through the human body they alter the energy patterns of the body and cause them to go into an oscillating energy pattern. When you have an oscillating energy, positive to negative alternating current, it is like a poison or toxin in the body. Your electrical system will short circuit and affect the weakest part of your tissue or organ system and start to change/ alter the cell structure of your body. Imagine a big pile-up of cars and trucks on an interstate highway. This is what can happen to your cell structure in the body when you have a short circuit. The more blockages in your electrical system, the more damage will occur. Now imagine a sink drain that has hair and grease trapped in it. The water does not flow very well. Then you wait a few more days with a little more grease and a little more hair, you have no water flow at all. This is what happens to your electrical system when it becomes blocked with undesirable energies. When these energies are blocked or slowed down you can have disease from psychological to physiological problems manifesting somewhere in the body. Your electrical system is the natural protector or shield for the human body.

For every force in the universe there is an equal and opposite force or counterforce. The Diode is our counterforce for counteracting low-level radiation from electromagnetic fields.

article produced by Ener-G-Polari-T

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How Does the Amazing Diode Work?

The Diode is composed of all natural non-toxic ingredients and made into a secret formula base which emits 47 different energy frequencies. The Super Digital Diode formula emits 52 different frequencies. The Diode formula is molded into different forms and shapes to be worn on the body or placed on devices that emit electromagnetic radiation. The all natural Diode energy current moves in a positive direction and gives a positive spin of energy. The all natural Diode also acts as a rectifier by keeping the body's energies and meridians in perfect balance. The Diode corrects, filters, and stabilizes the energies flowing into the human body to bring increased harmony and balance to the body's electrical system.

The Diode is worn on the left side or center of the body because the quadrant energy enters the left side of the body as positive and exits the right side as negative energy. The vortex energies move up and down the center of the body in cork screws of energy.

The harmonious Diode formula is picked up by the quadrant and the vortex energies which make up the body's polarities. The polarities are sent into the electrical system thereby communicating on a cellular level to protect, rectify, and stabilize the body's energies. The electrical system is the body's natural protector and keeps the body functional.

The Amazing Diode formula emits a powerful protective shield of neutralizing, balancing, and stabilizing energy frequencies. This shield extends 18" into the aura which helps to counteract and neutralize the harmful and stray electromagnetic fields and other negative energies we are exposed to daily.

The Diode works to maintain the proper energy level along the acupuncture meridians and hold the body in its correct frequency or hertz. When the Cooks Diode is placed on an appliance it will help neutralize the harmful EMF's.

The Diode formula changes the frequency of the EMF's to a more harmonious energy that will not harm or affect the polarities (energy) of the human body. Not only does our Diode formula protect, rectify and stabilize, but it can also transmute (change) a negative or oscillating energy frequency and put it into a positive energy spin.

The Diode formula never wears out!

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Have the Diodes Been Tested For Effectiveness?

Ener-G-Polari-T Products is constantly testing and improving the products through research and product development. To ensure the highest quality and the validity of claims to the products' performance, Ener-G-Polari-T products undergo independent testing performed in "real-life" situations to test the products' effectiveness.

The Diode has been tested on the sophisticated German Voll Dermatron Machine and the PHAZX Body Scan Machine with excellent results. These machines measure the flow of energy along the body's meridians. The Diode has also been tested using Thermal Imaging, a test that measures and records heat emissions.

Study of Participant Response to Diodes using PHAZX System:

The PHAZX system measures subtle energy changes in the body using Galvanic Skin Responses and Total Body Responses with multi-phasic measuring methods.

Conclusion: Upon all occasions, the study found that the Diode products provided beneficial changes within the meridian system of the body, with marked improvement on the Governing Vessel, Triple Warmer, and in a protocol to measure spin or polarity of the body. Results show these devices make a positive correction to those who have chronic exposure to EMF and radiation.

Thermal Imaging Testing of Cell-Phone Diodes:

Studied cell phone diode effectiveness in blocking EMF heat emissions.

Conclusion: Thermal images show that heat emissions were BLOCKED with the use of the Cell-Phone Diode

Research Study of Computer Operators:

Studied the diode as a counterforce for low level radiation from visual display terminals and measured response through both Applied Kinesiology testing (muscle testing) and EAV (electro-acupuncture by Voll).

Conclusion: Through muscle testing, all participants tested WEAK without diodes and STRONG with diodes in place. Through EAV testing, each participant displayed an indicator drop without the diodes and a normal value with the diodes in place.

Applied Kinesiology (AK) Testing:

AK muscle testing allows the practitioner to identify changes in muscle facilitation-inhibition patterns due to exposure from environmental stress.

Muscle testing at home can be accomplished by having the person to be tested stand with their right arm fully extended. A second person applies pressure to the top of the right wrist and pushes the arm down as the individual resists.

Next, have the person hold an item with EMF frequencies in the left hand without a diode. Test again using the same procedure. The individual will test weak (less resistance in the arm).

Finally, have the person hold a Diode in the left hand with the cell phone and test again. The individual will test strong (more resistance in the arm). Some individuals are more sensitive to EMFs than others and require stronger protection (2 diodes instead of 1). Muscle testing can help individuals determine personal sensitivities.

Applied Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is the most subjective of the tests available because the results are impacted by the energy flows of both individuals. The individual conducting the testing must be running a correct energy pattern to get a true and accurate result. It is recommended that the individual doing the testing wear a Diode and the individual being tested should not wear a diode for the initial test.

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What Do People Feel?

Many people notice that wearing a Diode or placing a Diode on their computer or other electrical appliances help reduce stress, fatigue, eyestrain, and other affects associated with working around electrical equipment. People also report reduced jet lag and reduced fatigue due to air and automobile travel.

The Diodes have been extensively tested and used by physicians throughout the world. Many testimonials attest to their beneficial effects upon the acupuncture meridians and human aura fields of sensitive individuals

Ener-G-Polari-T's all natural Diode has been scientifically tested by Thermal Imaging of Arizona using Thermal Imaging and by Dr. Joachim Thomsen and Dr. Samuel Wong using the EAV (Electro Acupuncture According to VOL), and by Dr. Jack Ritchason. The ElectroDermal response is measured by the energies along the body's meridians and the Diode's effect on them. Unlike muscle testing, the ElectroDermal response is not subjective. In these tests, the Diodes have consistently tested superior. While others have tried to copy the Diode formula their attempts have been unsuccessful. These imitations have been proven ineffective and/or useless.

Wanda Cook, President of Ener-G-Polarit-T ®, Inc. and Center of Divine Energy is one of the foremost authorities on universal energies and their relationship and effect on the human body. Wanda is a much sought after seminar speaker, author, and cinsultants on subjects of electromagnetic protection and energy healing. Through Wanda's guidance Ener-G-Polarit-T PRODUCTS®, Inc. continues to be the leading energetic product research company in the world, offering the finest EMF protection products on the market today.

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The Diodes Saved My Life... Personal Testamonial From Ray (Tan Plus, tanplusforhealth.com)

In 2008 I became very ill, from what turned out to be prolonged exposure over time, to emf radiation from the electronic devices that surround me at work and in my vehicle. I experienced a variety of very unusual and somewhat bizarre symptoms that affected every cell and organ in my body and could not be diagnosed by medical testing. Medical doctors could not have solved my condition. I am thankful to a stranger named "Skip" for pointing out the causes of my illness and, ultimately, the diodes for saving my life.

After a considerable amount of research, we began retailing diode protection products. We selected Ener-G-Polari-T as our vendor since the company produces the widest variety of emf protection products offering maximum protection and adjust the products as needed to adapt to the newest frequencies.

My wife (June) had been getting jaw pain while using her cell phone. She had to hold the phone further away from her ear to try to alleviate it. After applying the diode, the jaw pain went away. I would hate to think how her health would have been affected a few years down the road without the diodes. I am currently in the process of writing my story and expect to publish it within the next few months. We are both very thankful for the diode technology.

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Disclaimer: Ener-G-Polari-T Products are for stabilizing energy fields only. No product is intended as diagnosis or treatment for any disease or condition, mental or physical.

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