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Probiotic CD from American Health

Good (Friendly) Bacteria Enhances Your Immune System And Aids Digestion 
Humans typically begin life with a healthy intestinal system that has proper balance of probiotic bacteria. Your intestines are intended to contain a diverse population of bacteria numbering up to 100 trillion live cells. Unfortunately, not all the bacteria in the intestines are friendly. When the balance of the good bacteria decreases, the bad bacteria take over and many people experience a variety of symptoms including;

   • Excessive Gas • Bloating Diarrhea Constipation Intestinal Toxicity  Yeast Infections
    Thrust Athlete's Foot  Poor Nutrient Absorption

Age and lifestyle, poor eating habits, chlorinated drinking water, stress, disease, antibiotic-ridden meat and the consumption of antibiotics for medical conditions greatly reduces your populations of healthy bacteria. This imbalance allows the bad bacteria to dominate and makes it necessary to replenish the body with additional supplies of friendly bacteria.

No Other Product Delivers More Live Organisms Into The Digestive System

Most products on store shelves today fail to disclose that nearly all of their microorganisms are destroyed by the harsh acids of the stomach. In fact, it's not uncommon for 90% of the probiotic bacteria to die before even reaching the intestines. For example, a product that claims to have 30 billion live cells per capsule, may actually only deliver 1.5 billion live cells into the intestines where they're needed.

Probiotic CD™ offers you the "probiotic advantage" of once daily dosing, 12 billion bio-active organismsÅ» from 10 naturally derived strains for every day maintenance or twice daily "24 billion Å" for an enhanced level of probiotic support, particularly during times of weak diet and antibiotics, which can disrupt the healthy balance of bacteria in the system.

 Protects Beneficial Bacteria From Stomach Gastric Acid
 Delivers A Consistent Level Of Probiotics Into The Intestinal Tract
 Provides Balanced Microorganism Absorption And True Potency
 Promotes All Day Controlled Release For Maximum Benefit

Probiotic CD™ is a proprietary blend of 12 billion bio-active microorganismsÅ» from 10 naturally-derived strains. This comprehensive probiotic blend is enhanced through the advanced controlled delivery of Bio-tract®. Bio-tract® shields active organisms from stomach gastric acids, which may destroy sensitive bacteria before they reach
the intestinal tract - reducing the number of active organisms, lowering product effectiveness and impacting nutrient absorption.

Bio-tract®'s exclusive gel matrix technology allows for a gel protective layer to continuously form and erode around the tablet; releasing probiotic organisms as it travels through the digestive tract providing controlled delivery and ensuring the organisms remain active at consistent levels throughout the day. You can count on Probiotic CD™ to deliver the highest level of all day digestive, intestinal and immune support essential for healthy digestion, natural regularity, intestinal function and immune health.
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