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Today, we use dietary supplements (Vitamins) to improve everything, from sports performance, to better memory, to even sex drive. Yet when we want to get a nice tan we do nothing but lay in the sun or tanning salon and expect our body to do the rest! Tanning, like any other function, depends on a series of bio-chemical processes: without the proper nutrients present, your body will not be efficient in the production of Melanin, the dark pigment the body produces in response to UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation) and as a result tans your skin. But Melanin does not appear out of nowhere. Is is synthesized by the body from an amino acid called Tyrosine, and the degree that you tan depends on your body's supply of Tyrosine and your skin cell's ability to process it. This is where TAN-AID comes in!

What Is Tan-Aid?

TAN-AID Tanning Supplements are all-natural VITAMINS formulated to boost the body's natural tanning process. Formulated with 13 different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, TAN-AID addresses the specific dietary requirements during the tanning process, by providing the necessary nutrients used during Melanin production so your body can help itself. The result? A quicker, darker tan!

How Does Tan-Aid Work?

TAN-AID works by addressing the specific dietary requirements during the tanning process.The specialized formula in TAN-AID provides not only Tyrosine, for Melanin synthesis, but also all of the crucial vitamin co-factors used during the creation of the pigment Melanin. TAN-AID boosts your body's natural tanning process, resulting in a quicker, darker, and deeper tan. TAN-AID contains NO artificial dyes such as Canthaxanthin or Beta-Carotene! Each of the ingredients in TAN-AID is all-natural, and used by the body during the tanning process.

How Do I Use Tan-Aid?

TAN-AID is used in conjunction with your normal tanning activities at the beach or tanning salon (UVR exposure required). DIRECTIONS FOR USE: take two capsules, twice a day, beginning the day before tanning, until the day after tanning. That's it! TAN-AID does the rest, by providing the "raw" materials your body needs to produce more Melanin. TAN-AID is not a "self" or "sunless tanner"; TAN-AID is an all-natural dietary supplement which contains no dyes or artificial colors whatsoever! Forget about other products that artificially color your skin orange, which everyone can spot a mile away. Only through UVR exposure will you be able to achieve a completely natural, attractive tan. TAN-AID helps you by providing the "fuel" for a quicker, darker tan. And the best part? The tan you get is your own!

How Does Our Body Tan?

Tanning occurs during Melanogenesis, the production of Melanin. This is the body's natural sunblock, produced by specialized skin cells called Melanocytes in response to exposure to UVR. Melanin is synthesized from the amino acid Tyrosine.

Once Tyrosine is synthesized into Melanin, the resulting pigment rises to the uppermost levels of the skin where it encapsulates individual skin cells, resulting in what we know as a "tan". This process is the body's automatic response to UVR; it is the body's way of protecting itself. In doing so it imparts our skin with that golden, bronze color we all love! And the more Melanin your body produces the better protected, and the better tan you will get.

Whether tanning indoors or outdoors in the Summer sun... you can give your tan a boost and supplement natural nutrients to your skin and body at the same time. Tan-Aid boosts the body's natural tanning process, resulting in a quicker, darker tan upon exposure to UVR.

L-Tyrosine (400mg): Tyrosine is the amino-acid from which the pigment Melanin is formed. This process, called Melanogenesis, is what is responsible for a "tan", or darkening of the skin, upon exposure to UVR. Without Tyrosine there would be no melanin.
B-Complex Vitamins: The B vitamins (B1,B2,B3, B5,B6,and B12) assist primarily in the conversion and metabolism of amino-acids, regeneration of red blood cells, and skin cell growth. All of these functions figure prominently in the process of melanogenesis.
Vitamin C: Assists in the maintenance of normal connective tissue, and promotes regeneration of skin. And, more important, is an antioxidant agent which quenches free radicals caused by UV light, thus slowing down the long term effects of exposure to UVR.
Vitamin E: Absolutely essential for healthy skin. It helps the skin maintain its suppleness, and is also an antioxidant and anti free-radical agent. It also assists skin in repairing itself after exposure to UVR.
Copper: This mineral is critical for the synthesis of both Collagen (responsible for skin strength and suppleness, as well as ability to retain moisture) and Tyrosine (amino-acid which converts to Melanin).
Folic Acid: Utilized during the conversion of Tyrosine into Melanin and for the formation of red blood cells.
Choline Bitartrate and Inositol: Both of these substances are integral in the transportation and assimilation of substances within the body. Choline also helps in the conversion of Tyrosine into Melanin. Inositol promotes the formation of cell membranes.

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