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Aurora 10,000 Lux Full-Spectrum Light Box

Light, like water and air, is essential to our well-being. Studies have shown that during fall and winter about 20% of the population is affected by fatigue, irritability, anxiety, weight gain, social withdrawal, and a lack of alertness. Most affected are those living in northern latitudes and in frequently overcast areas, especially during the shortened fall and winter days. About 75% of those affected are women.

Our body has a very distinct 24 hour cycle. This cycle is controlled by bright light (the sun). Shift workers, travelers crossing several time zones, people with certain sleep disorders, often feel "out of sorts" because their daily cycle is "out of sync" with the sun.

The Closest Simulation To Natural Sunlight

The Aurora Full Spectrum Light System has been engineered for those who have shown to be adversely affected by the lack of natural sunlight, due to inadequate exposure of their living and work space during the dark and depressing Fall and Winter months.

The lightbox is placed in front of the user at the recommended distance for the desired intensity. One should be directly in front of the unit as the light shines into the users eyes. The eyes need to be open and sunglasses should not be worn. Some may be instructed to look at the lightbox briefly at regular intervals. For many this does not seem to be necessary.

• Aurora uses the latest high power and high C.R.I. fluorescent technology to best simulate the Sun's rays. (Lumiram, high lumen output, with patented unique phosphor blend full spectrum fluorescents, 110 watt, 20,000 hours.

• Provides 10,000 Lux of bright, color balanced, sun-like ray's at a distance of 36" (12,000 Lux at 24"), which, unlike most other light boxes, does not require close sitting.
Note: Lux is a unit used to measure light intensity. Indoor light levels range from 200 to 700 lux, while outdoor light levels, on a sunny spring day, range from 2,000 to well beyond 10,000 lux.

• Utilizes an advanced flicker-free high power factor electronic ballast for long term efficiency and reliable operation.

• Equipped with a special prismatic lens for comfortable, glare-free light distribution, and total protection from U.V. rays and electromagnetic radiations.

• Can be used while performing other tasks • Best to use at distance of 2 1/2 to 3 feet

• Compact Size, Lightweight...only 10 lbs. (measures 12 1/2 x 23 x 3 7/8)
• Easy To Carry With Handle
• Made In The U.S.A.-U.L Listed (Full Spectrum Lamps made in Germany)
• Uses only 110 watts • Tube Life: 20,000 Hrs.
• Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor  • 2 years on bulbs

Although SAD is often correctly self-diagnosed, other illness factors may be at play. It is wise to consult with a qualified medical practitioner in both the diagnosis and treatment of SAD. Some insurance companies may reimburse the cost of a lightbox, if prescribed.
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