Calcium Is Ineffective Without Sunlight
by Mike Adams (NaturalNews 9/06)

After years of denying the health benefits of sunlight, conventional researchers are finally starting to recognize the important role that ultraviolet light plays in human health. Getting sunlight on your skin, research now shows, is extremely important for preventing and even reversing chronic diseases. I'm talking about prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, mental depression, osteoporosis and even, to some extent, type 2 diabetes. The interactions between sunlight and body chemistry for these diseases are quite complex, and I'm not going to go into them all here, but let me give you the highlights.

Vitamin D Is Essential For Calcium Absorption

First, you most likely already know the importance of calcium for your health. If you don't have enough calcium circulating through your blood, you're going to have cardiovascular problems and you will probably end up with heart disease. Calcium is crucial for healthy nervous system function, as well.

If you've read any of the promotional material about coral calcium and all the different diseases that calcium can prevent or even help cure, then you have a pretty good idea about some of the practical applications of calcium. Now, I don't think that calcium all by itself is going to reverse many chronic diseases, but without calcium, there's no question that you will be accelerating those diseases and reducing your lifespan.

Here's the kicker: Without vitamin D in your small intestine, your body will not absorb calcium even if you take an excess of supplements. This is the single most important point, and I don't think I've ever been able to get this point across with enough emphasis. You must have vitamin D in your body in order to use calcium. So if you're out there taking coral calcium supplements or eating a lot of green leafy vegetables, but not getting sunlight or ultraviolet radiation on your skin, then you are probably not absorbing the calcium you are going to such great trouble to ingest.

Reversing Osteoporosis With Sunlight

Sunlight can actually reverse osteoporosis. A lot of senior citizens are taking calcium supplements but not getting sunlight, so the calcium is passing right through their bodies. As a result, they're losing bone mineral density. However, by adding vitamin D to the equation through sunlight (remember, your skin generates vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure), senior citizens can start assimilating calcium and rebuilding their bones.

This is information that doesn't get told to senior citizens, and modern doctors don't even understand it. They think that you treat osteoporosis with drugs, which is ridiculous. The only thing you need in order to treat osteoporosis is sunlight, calcium and a little bit of physical exercise. You will rebuild bone mineral density very rapidly on that kind of program.

The Bottom Line: Get Some Sun On Your Skin

Make sure that you're getting sunlight on your skin. If you do this one thing, and do it consistently, it will create such a positive health outcome. Sunlight will make a world of difference in your life. It will change your mood. It will change your biochemistry. It will enhance your bone mineral density, and it will help your body beat or prevent various forms of cancer.

In fact, vitamin D is a key compound in the regulation of cancer cell growth. Researchers are just now figuring out that people who are chronically deficient in vitamin D, which includes most Americans, are at far greater risk of a variety of different cancers. Vitamin D has been shown to be the single most powerful chemical compound known to medical science for preventing hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Why Antioxidants Are Important Before Exposing Yourself To Uv Light

Now, you might ask, "What if I can't get sunlight? What if I live in a northern climate or a cloudy climate and I just can't get sunlight?" First, as I said before, you can go visit a tanning salon. This is only the second-best choice. Personally, I don't like artificial light even if it is ultraviolet -- sunlight is far healthier for you because it has a full spectrum of energy that's not found in a tanning bed. But a tanning salon is your best alternative. If you can't get out in the sunlight, go sign up with a tanning salon.

If you do that, it is crucial that you supplement with superfoods and high levels of antioxidants. If you don't have high levels of antioxidants in your tissues, you may suffer skin damage from excessive ultraviolet radiation. By taking high levels of antioxidants, however, you will build up an internal sunscreen, and your skin's response to sun exposure will be very different. It will be healthy and adaptive, meaning that you won't burn. Instead, you will tan. This is true even if you've never tanned in your life.

I know exactly what I'm talking about here -- I used to be one of the most fair-skinned people around. I would sunburn very easily. I grew up in the Midwest, and after just half an hour in the summer sun I would be burned beet red. My skin would peel, and I would be in pain for days. Now, thanks to the antioxidants I'm taking, I can go out in the desert in Arizona, in the middle of the summer, and spend three hours under the sun with no sunscreen whatsoever and not burn at all. What's the difference? Do I have new skin and new genetics? Of course not. I just have better nutrition.

Protect Your Skin With Outstanding Internal Nutrition

Nutrition makes all the difference when it comes to sun exposure. Keep in mind that it takes a little bit of time for this nutrition to work its way into the tissues of your skin. So if you haven't been engaging in good nutrition but you want sunlight, don't make the mistake of jumping out into the sun right away. Give yourself a couple of weeks following high-density nutritional supplementation first (and use whole food-based supplements, not the cheap chemical multivitamins sold at retail).

from The four steps to getting more vitamin D to prevent cancer, osteoporosis, depression and more

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