The Real Cause Of Modern Disease

Epidemiologist Dr. Samuel Milham has published an important book, "Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization." It is a call to action for the public health field, implicating electromagnetic fields in a wide range of health problems.

Dirty electricity (high frequency voltage transients on electrical wiring) is a potential universal carcinogen. For over a hundred years, it has been assumed that the higher incidence of diseases in urban areas was related to lifestyle. But according to Electromagnetic Health: "Analyzing death records from electrified rural areas and non-electrified rural areas in the early part of the 1900s, Dr. Milham has shown higher incidence of 'diseases of civilization,' such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide, were in fact strongly correlated with electrification."

As commented by Dr.Joseph Mercola 8/10 (, In Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization,  Sam Milham, MD points out that the major diseases plaguing modern man - heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. - may be triggered by a prevalent, yet nearly entirely overlooked, cause: dirty electricity. You generally cannot feel or touch electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and electricity in your environment, but it's becoming increasingly clear that your cells are indeed impacted.

Dr. Magda Havas writes: "Dirty Electricity" can … be used to describe electric power that has become corrupted by our use of modern appliances. Items such as CFL bulbs, cell phone transmission antennas, power supplies for portable computers, cell phone chargers, dimmer switches, variable speed fans and many other electronic devices that require a transformer to convert the voltage will "dirty" the electricity that enters your home. This form of dirty electro-magnetic fields (EMF) is invisible to the eye, but has a biological effect on the human body and has been associated with a wide variety of illnesses."

The Rise of Disease Beginning in the 20th Century?

After analyzing health demographic data going back to the early part of the 20th century, Dr. Milham showed that populations without electrification experienced less disease than in urban areas with electrification, and that rural death rates correlated with levels of electrical service for most causes examined. Conditions linked to electrification included cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide.

Milham says, "The explosive recent increase in radio-frequency radiation and high frequency transients sources, from cell phones and towers, terrestrial antennas, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max telecommunication systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment may be leading to a new 21st Century epidemic much like the 20th Century electromagnetic field epidemic." Milham's research suggests that patients with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) may develop it through exposure to electromagnetic fields applied to or induced in the body, such as from conventional medical electromagnetic stimulation, used by many athletes. He also suggests that most cancer in firefighters is due not to exposure to inhaled carcinogens, but to their exposure to EMFs and radiofrequency radiation (RFR) from mobile two-way radio communications devices and firehouse and fire vehicle radio transmitters.

Milham has even linked an increased incidence of cancer among teachers at one California school with high frequency voltage transients in the school environment. According to a study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, the attributable risk of cancer associated with electrical exposures at the school was 64 percent, and a single year of employment at the school increased a teacher's cancer risk by 21 percent. It is interesting to note, too, that Dr. Milham's work has shown that the Old-Order Amish, who don't use electricity, have lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, suicide and cancer than would be expected. They also have uncommonly low levels of neurodegenerative disease and not one case of ADHD on record.

Camilla Rees of says: "Dr. Milham's work suggests society may have overlooked one of the most important underlying root causes of illness. The health sector's focus on lifestyle, chemical pollutants, genetics and the like, may have missed the role of every day electromagnetic fields from electrification. It is now clear we must assess all sources of electromagnetic radiation in our midst, not just wireless communication technologies, but also electric and magnetic fields, and high frequency transients on electrical wiring, known as "dirty electricity."

How Dirty Electricity Is Affecting Your Health

It's important to remember that you are an electrical being; the human body is composed of conductive and semi-conductive materials, and cells in your body can react to EMFs as a harmful invader, just like they do to other environmental toxins. Your body is a complex communication device where cells, tissues, and organs "talk" to each other to perform basic functions. At each of these levels, the communication includes finely tuned bio-electrical transmitters and receivers, which are tuned like tuning into a radio station.

What happens when you expose a radio antenna to a significant amount of external noise? You get static from the noise -- and that is what is happening to your body in today's "electrosmog" environment. Two of the more well-known biological impacts from electrosmog are the interruption of the brain wave pattern leading to behavior issues and the interference to your body's entire communication system (cytoskeleton) leading to abnormal neurological function, such as dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

At a cellular level, your cell membrane receptors (the brain of the cell) recognize electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure producing a stress response similar to that produced by exposure to heavy metals or toxic chemicals. This can cause the cell membrane to go from an "active" or permeable state where it allows nutrients in and toxins out, to an "inactive" state where the cell membrane is impermeable.

During a normal day, your cells will change states thousands of time, but when under constant environmental stress, the membranes can be locked in the inactive state. This is often referred to as "oxidative stress" as nutrients are able to enter into the cell, while toxins (free radicals) are not allowed to leave.

We are not really sure what the "trigger" is that causes health problems from EMFs and other forms of electricity, but we know that the electrosmog is definitely a contributing factor. For health, your body must be able to communicate within itself, that is, to be in harmony with the natural rhythm of the earth and all life.

Technology Can Seriously Damage Your Health
As reported by Matthew Silverstone for (9/11)

Did you know that technology can seriously damage your health? Tragically most people still don't get it. The World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) states very clearly that there are serious health risks from current exposure levels to electronic fields coming from wi-fi, laptops, mobile phones and ipads. Exposure to them increases the risk of cancer, brain tumours, autism, diabetes, chronic fatigue, hay fever and depression.

They state that we are being kept in the dark about these effects due to the fact that "present sources of funding bias the interpretation of findings towards rejection of evidence of possible health risks" Is it more than just a coincidence that the health of billions of people are being affected since the introduction of technology in the 1980's.

A staggering 220 million people now suffer from diabetes. This is set to rise to 400 million by the year 2030. Do you think that it can't happen to you or your children? Think again. Autism is more common than childhood cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined. Approximately 70 million people worldwide are affected by autism. This number has increased 6,000% in the past 20 years. Why have we suddenly become intolerant to food? Is it just the chemicals we put in our food that have caused it? THINK AGAIN.

Over 270 million people in the world now suffer from food allergies. Approximately 3 million of them are children under the age of 18. That is a 400% increase worldwide in 20 years. 1 in 4 European children under the age of 10 suffers from an allergy. Potentially fatal peanut allergies now affect one in 70 children. An estimated 300 million people worldwide suffer from Asthma, with 250,000 deaths attributed to the disease. That is a 300% increase in asthma in the last 20 years.

About 10 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder). Worldwide there was a 400% increase in ADHD in the last 20 years. 2.5m people now suffer from Multiple Sclerosis ONE IN FIVE people in the world suffers from hay fever which is expected to triple between now and 2030.

Planning to have children, - you had better hurry up. The average man has lost 53% of sperm production over the last 50 years. At the present rate of decline it will take 70 years before the sperm count goes to zero. 31% of pregnancies now end in miscarriage. This number increased between 2005 and 2009 by 15%. In the same period 25% more women received treatment for infertility. 80% of the world's population suffer from sleeping disorders. In the U.S. 40 million people suffer from some type of sleeping disorder.

Could It Just Be A Coincidence That:

• Mobile Phone Sales Rose From 50 Million In 1995 To 5 Billion By 2010
• There Were 1 Billion Pc's In Use Around The World In 2008
• This Number Will Double By 2013 To 2 Billion
• By 2012 There Are Expected To Be 14 Billion Devices Connected To The Internet
• 6.1 Trillion Text Messages Were Said To Be Sent In 2010

Do you want to know who benefits from all of our bad health - drug companies! One of the world's largest drug companies, Pfizer, saw profits rise from $10.02 Billion dollars in 1995 to $67.8 billion dollars in 2010. Worldwide sales of drugs in 2012 were a staggering $830 billion dollars. Global Pharmaceutical sales are expected to reach $1.1 Trillion dollars by 2014

Technology can damage your health and only one group of people benefit. IT IS NOT YOU. Anybody could be one of the next two billion sufferers, your sister, brother, mother, father, grandparent, grandchild, friend or colleague. OR EVEN YOU. Read more about this at Blinded by Science You will be shocked and amazed to discover you have been told only half the truth about science and how it affects your health.

Matthew Silverstone is the author of Blinded by science, a book that will completely change your attitude to your health. Blinded by Science offers a theory which when applied to factors like water, plants, the Sun and the Moon all seems to make perfect sense. As simple as it sounds, it is the theory that everything vibrates. The book explains that everything vibrates from the nucleus of an atom to the molecules of our blood, our brain, sound, plants, animals, all the way into outer space. Once this basic principle is understood, everything suddenly becomes clear. Once you apply this theory to the world around you, you will be astounded by what you learn. Find out more at

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