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Many mail-order and internet companies sell products "just to sell products and make money". As you may have already discovered, many owners and operators of those companies know very little about their products. At Tan Plus/Essentials Of Life ( &, we are not only retailers but satisfied consumers of our own products as well. We personally use or strictly evaluate the products and services we offer. In addition, our salon clients provide us with ongoing product feedback.

Since 1987 Tan Plus salon customers have trusted us to provide them with the best products and services possible, honest and accurate information, and a clean and professional environment at all times. Our natural health division (Essentials Of Life) was established in 1995.  In the fall of 2000 we established our presence on the internet. We have been selling our own tanning and skincare products, natural lighting and diet and nutritional products online since March, 2001.

Our mission is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle through education and by offering services and products that dramatically make a positive difference in our customers lives.

Value Pricing

Skincare Products...In 1994, concerned by the inferior and potentially hazardous ingredients found in many tanning and skin care products, we partnered with a laboratory in Chicago, to develop our own skin care line. With the exception of necessary preservatives, only natural ingredients known beneficial to the skin are used. We are able to produce our products using expensive "top grade" ingredients and price them reasonably. By selling the products directly to our salon and internet customers, and not through a distribution network, we have been able to keep the pricing under control.

Nutritional Supplements...After several years of studying the impact of nutritional deprivation on health and the environmental causes of degenerative disease, In 1995, we established Essentials Of Life. We began the process of evaluating suppliers and their related products to compile, what we found to be, the most effective products capable of addressing these concerns. Through our nutritional supplement manufacturers and suppliers, we receive substantial discounts by purchasing in volume. In doing so, we are able to offer these effective, quality products and still maintain consistently realistic pricing for our customers.

EMF Products... Every day our health is threatened by the electromagnetic fields (EMF's) that surround us. I was very ill in 2008 as a result of emf radiation from the electronic devices that surround me at work and in my vehicle. I experienced a variety of very unusual and somewhat bizarre symptoms that affected every cell and organ in my body and could not be diagnosed by medical testing. Medical doctors could not have solved my condition. I am thankful to a stranger named "Skip" for pointing out the causes of my illness and, ultimately, the diodes for saving my life.

The EMF diodes work by helping to neutralize and block EMF's by giving you a shield while working with your own body's electrical system. Your electrical system is your natural protector and keeps your body functional. After a considerable amount of research, we began retailing diode protection products. We selected a vendor that produces the widest variety of emf protection products offering maximum protection and adjusts the products as needed to adjust to the newest frequencies. Our supplier has been the worldwide leader in EMF protection since 1964.  

Quantum Health Analyzers...  We not only sell the Quantum Health Analyzer but we perform the testing on clients at our location in Somerswoth, NH (USA) as well.  This gives us first hand knowledge of the devices operation and a thorough understanding of the analysis.  We pre-test all devices sold in the USA for accuracy and testing consistency before they are shipped.  Analyzers order from other countries are generally shipped direct by the manufacturer in China.  We track all shipments, including those drop shipped, to assure that they reach their destination.

Product Ingredient Disclosure

The products featured on our website contain a full ingredients list with explanation of the purpose and benefit of the ingredients used.

Shipped Directly By Us... Not Drop Shipped

Many mailorder and internet retailers do not inventory the products they offer. They take your order and your payment then pass your order on to one of their suppliers for processing. Referred to as "drop shipping", this arrangement works out very well for the retailer. They have little overhead, basically operating out of a room with nothing more than a computer, fax machine and a bank processing account. For the consumer, though, this puts the order at the discretion of a third party, without a vested interest in the timely shipping or accuracy of an order.

With the exception of water filters, S.A.D. light boxes, Health Analyzers, and some EMF products, all of our products are inventoried and shipped from our physical location in Somersworth, NH. Your order will be processed quickly, but accurately, and shipped without delay. We track all shipments, including those drop shipped, to assure that they reach their destination.

Quality Assurance And Shelf-Life Consistency

We continually monitor our partners and vendors to assure consistency and quality of our product lines. We also continually monitor our products' expiration dates. If one of our products goes past the expiration date, we offer it at a reduced price up to 50% off or more.

Secure, Safe Web Ordering

You can place your order with us in complete confidence.  Your information will be processed through our secure server and then handled soley by us without a third party.
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Why Buy From Us?
 Experience “Real Health” Naturally
Why Buy From Us?
 Experience “Real Health” Naturally