" Natural”  TanStuff Plus Tanning Complex
Super Enriched With Extra Essential Oils... Your Skin Will Love You and You Will Love Your Skin

Tanning is the bodies natural reaction to sunlight. Your body is designed to tan to protect itself from sunburn. But, the tanning process, whether indoors or in the sun, can be very drying to the skin. Excessive exposures can result in pre-mature aging and wrinkling of the skin. Outdoors, your skin is subjected to sun, wind, cold, and pollutants in the air and is greatly affected by the depletion of the ozone layer, the atmospheres natural protection from the sun's harmful UV-C rays.

In 1994, we decided to manufacture our own products because of the lack of quality ingredients used in tanning products. The chemically-based lotions' were not preparing the skin properly and some of our salon customers were getting breakouts or allergic reactions. The quality has improved somewhat, but we still find that our products produce better results for our salon and internet customers than that of other products on the market.

We Put Our Money In The Bottle....Not The Hype (See Ingredients)

Thanks to our great chemist, we were able to create a product using expensive "top grade" ingredients and price them realistically. By selling the products directly to our salon and internet customers, and not through a distribution network, we have been able to keep the pricing under control.

All of our products are formulated in a base of "True" liquid Aloe Vera, not a gel or inferior grade. Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate human skin almost four times faster than water. Cheaper, synthetic ingredients found in most other products tend to stay on the skins' surface. Aloe and the other natural ingedients we use in all of our formulas also help produce anti-aging effects on the skin and stimulate cell renewal.

TanStuff Plus Was Created Because Tanned Skin Requires Special Care.
Your Skin Will Feel So Soft And Supple You May Want To Use It As A Moisturizer, After Tanning Too.

We Don't Think We Produce The Best Indoor Tanning Products... We Know We Do
Tan Plus Products
Formulated with 20% tyrosine and other essential amino acids, TanStuff is also one of the most powerful tanning products on the market today. The added amino acids act as catalysts to increase the skins' ability to absorb the tyrosine. While Tyrosine is a natural amino acid derived from proteins. It interacts with the skins' melanin to speed up the tanning process. Most products contain less than 7% Tyrosine.

Contains Our J-22 Complex- a special compilation of 22 super organic and natural extracts to replenish and nourish your skin.  
TanStuff  (8.0 oz.) Tropical Fragrance item# 003  25.00
TanStuff (4.0 oz.) Tropical Fragrance item# 002  14.00
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While TanStuff has been designed for indoor tanning use, Sesame Oil, a natural sunscreen, has been added to help minimize redness.

Good News For Hard-To-Tan Legs

Due to poor circulation and lack of adequate moisture (dryness), legs are slower tanning. Help for your legs is here.
TanStuff Plus (originally named LegStuff) has been specially formulated by our chemist for legs and other hard-to-tan areas. Using our original Tanstuff formula as a foundation, we enriched it with extra organic and natural extracts to replenish and nourish your skin. Now, one product-TanStuff Plus- does it all.

All Of Our Products Are "Tanning Bed Safe"  • No Dyes Or Tints Added.
Non-Sticky • Non-Greasy • Cooling And Soothing • Natural Fragrance

While our tanning and skincare products contain vitamin A, it is derived from beta-carotene and not retinyl palmitate. Vitamin A-retinyl palmitate is used as an ingredient in most indoor and outdoor tanning lotions, moisturizers and other skincare products.  Most likely, some of the products you are now using contain this potentially cancer-causing ingredient. Learn More...

Warning: TanStuff Will Not Only Help You Achieve A Super-Dark Tan
But Will Leave Your Skin So Soft And Supple, It May Become Habit-Forming

Aloe Vera- Known for its hydrating, softening and soothing properties. Has the ability to penetrate human skin almost 4 times faster than water. Known to produce an anti-aging effect on the skin and stimulate cell renewal. Believed to help heal sunburned skin. Note- All of our skincare products are formulated in a base of "True" liquid Aloe Vera, not a gel or inferior grade.
1st cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil , safflower oil, aloe oil- Superior to mineral oils in penetrating power. Used to soften the skin. Also used in antiwrinkle and massage oils.
Sesame Oil- A skin softening ingredient from the essential fatty acid family. Known for keeping the skin smooth and young looking. Used in the Far East as a remedy for skin diseases. A light emollient oil that penetrates the skin easily.
Coffee, Carrot, and Tea Extracts- Natural exotic conditioners compatible to human skin (not dyes).Known to condition and soften skin. Chinese derived Tea Extract contains Tannin, which has the ability to precipitate proteins.
Hydrolyzed Protein- A water soluble moisturizer with lubricating properties. Proteins are necessary to the growth and maintenance of all body tissues.
Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A)- Promotes soft, lubricated, and healthy-looking skin. Has regenerating properties.
Algae Extract- A thickening agent derived from seaweed. Known to prevent wrinkles and moisturize skin.
Allantoin- Found naturally in Aloe and Comfrey plants. Known for repairing damaged skin and having the ability to help heal wounds, skin ulcers, and in stimulating the growth of healthy tissue.
Panthenol- Metabolizes to vitamin B-5 in the skin. Known for its revitalizing and conditioning effects on the skin. Promotes moisture absorption and skin renewal.
L-Tyrosine Complex (hydrolized protein, tyrosine & riboflavin)- Amino acid derived from proteins and converted through several metabolic steps to melanin, enabling the skin to tan. TanStuff contains 20% Tyrosine with added amino acids that perform as catalysts to increase the skins' ability to absorb the tyrosine. Most other products have from 0-7% tyrosine.
Copper, Riboflavin, Silk Amino Proteins- Natural coloring agents and emollients necessary for healthy skin.
Aromatic Extracts- Fragrance is derived from natural organic ingredients (herbs) and food extracts to reduce the possibility of allergic reaction.
Other Ingredients (carbomer-940,triethanolamine,dmdm hydantoin)- Chemical preservatives and thickeners have been added in minute amounts for product consistency and prevention of bacteria contamination.

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TanStuff - Maximum Tanning Natural Formula
 Experience “Real Health” Naturally
TanStuff - Maximum Tanning Natural Formula
 Experience “Real Health” Naturally