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3-In-1 Joint FormulaFrom Irwin Naturals

Rebuild, Lubricate and Sooth Your Joints

Relentless pain in our joints can prevent us from enjoying the benefits of an otherwise healthy body. Unfortunately, like the wearing of tires on a car, the connective tissue that cushions our bones will continue to wear out as we get older.

Glucosomine and Chondroitin alone are not enough to support optimum joint health. 3-In-1 Joint Formula is the world's first product to support health in three distinct ways:

• Nurture joints and help maintain their structure and function
• Lubricate stiff joints with Omega 3 oil and other essential fatty acids
• Soothe aching joints (due to exertion) with special inflamation-inhibiting herbs

An extraordinarily effective and fast working formula superior to the simple glucosamine and chondroitin products available today.

This Bioperine enhanced complex literally rebuilds your worn joints in a way that cannot be compared to anything else on the market. It provides joint support for people with osteoarthritis or joint injuries, increased availability of "building block" molecules for cartilage and joint tissue and lubricating Omega 3 & 6 oils to nourish worn joints.

Formulated with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, SAM-e, Omega 3 & 6 oils and more.

Directions: (Adult) Take up to 6 liquid soft-gels a day with meals in divided doses. Consult your physician before using this product if you are using medication or have any medical conditions. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Not intended for use by persons under 18. Keep out of reach of children.

What You Should Know About Liquid Soft-Gels, Bioavailability And Irwin Naturals

90 Liquid Gel Caps item #408 $ 32.50

We No Longer Sell This Product

3-in-1 Joint Formula
3-In-1 Joint Formula Ingredients:

Vitamin E (as D-alpha-tocopheryl) 15 iu- used to process Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Studies also show that it may reduce cartilage loss.
Niacin (as niacinamide) 23 mg, Folic Acid 225 mg, Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 120 mg- numerous studies show improvement to aching joint and inflammation conditions.
Manganese (as manganese gluconate) 7 mg- necessary for the body to synthesize Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Used for the development of healthy bone structure and joint.
Glucosamine Sulfate (1500 mg)- hundreds of clinical studies show how glucosamine benefits those suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, disk degeneration, and joint injuries. Works by repairing the smooth rubber-like padding (cartilage) covering the ends of bones, so painful inflammation does not occur.
Chondroitin Sulfate (1200 mg)- provides the same benefits of glucosamine but also acts like a sponge, drawing fluid into the tissues. This attracts essential nutrients to the area making cartilage better able to absorb shocks. Protects joints by blocking production of enzymes that destroy cartilage. Strengthens the protein strands that make up joint tissue.
Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids (600 mg)- lubricates joints, reduces inflammation and prolongs the aging process of cells.
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 150 mg- reduces symptoms of joint and musculoskeletal wear and tear.
Indian Frankincense Extract (gum resin,65% boswellia acids) 115 mg- an herb traditionally used for various inflammatory conditions that may enhance joint comfort and mobility.
Stinging Nettle Extract (0.8% silic acid) 70 mg- contains salicylic acid. This is the same molecule that composes aspirin, which is used widely for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief activity.
Turmeric Root Extract (95% curcumin) 40 mg- contains curcumin, a strong antioxidant which has been shown to reduce inflammation due to exertion.
Alpha Lipoic Acid (5 mg)- age related joint impairment is caused by toxins and cell oxidation that reduces cartilage resiliency. Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant working in the fatty and watery regions of the cells to quench free radicals and flush toxins.
Bioperine Complex (bioperine piperine extract, piper longum extract, ginger root extract)- enhances the absorption and bioavailability of the entire Formula.

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