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Urinary Cleanse & Flush with Cranberry Extract  from Nature's Secret

A New Way To Flush, Clean And Strengthen The Urinary Tract

The urinary system, including the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract, serves an extremely vital function in human physiology, filtering wastes, toxins, and metabolic by-products, such as uric acid from the blood and systematically flushing them from the body. In addition, this system regulates and ensures a proper balance of numerous blood chemical factors including acids, electrolytes, and even some vitamins in the body.

Urinary Infections May Be More Serious Than You Think

Every year, thousands of Americans seek professional medical attention because of urinary tract infections (UTI's). Due to anatomical differences of the urinary tract, women report a much higher frequency of urinary discomfort than men. A number of conditions may indicate a UTI, including painful and frequent urination (particularly at night), cloudy, foul-smelling or dark urine, and lower abdominal pain. If you think you have a bladder infection, you should consult your physician. Most conventional treatments, however, involve the use of antibiotics, which temporarily solve the problem, but can upset the naturally occuring "friendly" bacteria in the urinary tract.

Fortunately, many plants and natural substances furnish just the right mix of tannins, volatile oils, flavonoids, and other phytochemicals to keep the urinary system healthy. Ultimate Urinary Cleanse, from Nature's Secret, incorporates a precise blend of herbs and botanicals to benefit the entire urinary tract, including the kidneys, bladder, and urethra. Beyond their traditional use, many of these ingredients, including Cranberry, have been cited in scientific studies to help normalize urinary flora. By providing a wide range of natural diuretic factors, Ultimate Urinary Cleanse supports immune function and promotes a healthy pH and flora balance in the urinary tract.

End Benefit: By cleansing and strengthening the urinary tract naturally, the body can better maintain its homeostasis and chemical equilibrium, thus promoting a state of optimul health and balance. Helping you maintain a natural balance with products that harness the power and harmony of nature is the mission of Nature's Secret and Essentials Of Life.

Take one tablet two times a day with water. For best results, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

60 ct. item #362 $ 14.50

Urinary Cleanse & Flush


Ultimate Urinary Cleanse Ingredients:

European Goldenrod Powder (herb)- has astringent and diuretic properties and supports the bladder and urinary system. Traditionally used to help dissolve stones and gravel in the bladder.
Asparagus Root Extract- used traditionally as a diuretic and to enhance bowel movement.
Birch Leaf Extract- useful herb for supporting the kidneys, bladder, and skin.
Cranberry (Vaccinium Macrocalponi) Extract (5% anthocyanidins, 30% organic acids( fruit)- restores healthy pH. Cranberries contain anthocyanidins, compounds shown to benefit the urinary tract.
Orthosiphon Leaf Extract- studies show significant activity against foreign organisms, especially in the urinary tract.
Uva Ursi Leaf- a natural diuretic. Strengthens and tones urinary passages and useful for flora imbalance.
Cornsilk- acts as a diuretic and demulcent. Useful for bladder concerns and presence of phosphatic gravel.
Alfalfa Leaf- a tonic, blood purifier, and a source of a wide range of nutrients and trace minerals. A harmonizing herb.
Cayenne Fruit- carminative, stimulates digestion, and as a catalyst, carries other herbs quickly to the part of the body where they are needed most.
Bioperine - an extract of Piper nigrum that helps the absorption and assimilation of the entire Formula.


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