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Tan Plus/Essentials Of Life is conveniently located in an area commonly referred to as the "medical mile" on Route 108, Somersworth, New Hampshire, within the Barclay Square complex. Barclay Square is directly across from Goodwin Community Health Center, just 2.6 miles north of Dover (Week's Crossing), 4.5 miles south of Rochester (Rochester Commons), and 2.5 miles west of downtown Somersworth and Berwick, Maine.

Not All Tanning Salons Are Created Equal

Many businesses today operate out of corporate offices and not from within.  Profits have taken priority over customer service and satisfaction, as owners have become "out of touch" with their customers. As the owner/operators of Tan Plus/Essentials Of Life, we are conscious of every phase of our business, not only because it is our "livelihood", but because we are customers too. We use the same products and services we sell to you. Every product that we carry was carefully researched and selected for quality, effectiveness, and value. We maintain constant contact with our suppliers to assure consistency. As tanning salon owners, we strive to provide you with what we expect ourselves... as consumers.

Healthy, Clean & Relaxing Environment

At Tan Plus, we believe that a tanning session should be relaxing and enjoyable. It should take place in a clean, comfortable and totally private atmosphere. We don't mix hair services with tanning, so you won't breathe in perm, nail or other chemicals during your session.

With the aid of powerful exhaust fans , our custom designed ventilation duct system enables hot air from each booth to be drawn up (not blowing down on you) and out of the building for a more comfortable session.  Heat and other contaminants are not blown directly on you.   To further insure cleanliness and health, we remove tanning lamps and clean our systems periodically, even between lamp changes. Internal components of booths are cleaned and vacuumed free of dust. Our salons' air purification system operates 24/7 (utilizing ozone and ionization) to insure that the air and HVAC ductwork is free of dust, mold, and other potential contaminants.
Some of us, most unknowingly, are affected negatively by low levels of radiation (a.k.a. Electro Magnetic Frequency sensitivity) produced by electrical and electronic appliances.  We have installed a Circuit Breaker Diode to effectively neutralize the harmful effects of EMF radiation produced by lighting and tanning unit ballasts, computers and all of our salon’s electrical devices.

Totally Private Tanning Rooms

Floor to ceiling tanning room walls assure maximum privacy. Dressing room doors lock for your added peace of mind. After all, a tanning session is also an escape from phones, kids, and other every day stresse of today's fast-paced world. Music with individual volume controls is provided in each booth.


Due to poor circulation and lack of adequate moisture (dryness), legs are slower tanning.

Open The Clamshell Top, Relax In The Adjustable Swivel Chair, And Prepare To Experience Fast And Effective Tanning From Your Hips To Your Toes.

Scheduled Lamp Changes

If a restaurant posted a sign that read "Fresh Food Today", wouldn't you question the freshness of the food you had been served in the past, and what about tomorrow? In the same respect, we feel that no tanning salon should have to display a "new bulbs" sign to tell you that the lamps have been replaced. The conscientious tanning salon operator keeps track of lamp hours and never lets the bulbs go past their effective tanning range.

At Tan Plus, lamps are changed and equipment thoroughly maintained on a regular basis. Just as you would expect the food in a restaurant to always be fresh, so should the lamps at a tanning salon. Besides, the lamps in a busy salon may become ineffective long before the sign comes down.


The Future In Whole Health Analysis Has Arrived

No longer will there be a need for ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance or radiography to know your health condition

If You Don't Take Time To Be Well - You WILL Take Time To Be Sick 

Natural Organic Tanning & Skincare Products

Our journey expanded into natural health in 1994 as we were concerned about the inferior and potentially hazardous ingredients found in many tanning and skin care products. We began a partnership with a laboratory in Chicago to develop a skin care line using natural and organic ingredients known to be beneficial to the skin.

Nutritional Supplements

A continual supply of quality nutrients are required every day to fuel our metabolic machinery. Natural diet and whole food based multi-vitamins are the best source of the vitamins and minerals we need to
thrive. Good health does not need to be complicated. We understand the complex needs of a healthy lifestyle and sell supplements, like those formulated by American Health, that work synergistically with your natural physiology to help promote proper balance and wellness. From immune support to digestive health along with vitamins and specialty supplements, you will be sure to find simple solutions for everyday optimum health.

Cell Phone & EMF Protection

Electricity has become an indispensible part of modern day life. It has made our lives easier. But, is electricity also making our lives shorter? As we consider the many aspects of our health, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) produced by the electrical and
electronic appliances in our homes and in the workplace, may not be the first thing we consider when making lifestyle and health changes. Once you have a basic understanding of the most fundamental principles of health, is it important to know how safe or unsafe EMFs really are to our health?  Learn more about EMF’s and how you may be affected.

Professionally Managed  

Since tanning affects the bodies' largest organ...the skin, it is most important for tanning personnel to be properly trained and knowledgeable in the health and care of the skin. This includes setting timers according to skin types, knowledge of equipment, effects of medications, and the proper care of tanned skin.

All-to-often, to cheapen the price of tanning services, untrained personnel or self-service tanning becomes the norm. No tanning facility should operate on a self-service basis. That is, the customer should not be allowed to set and control their tanning time nor should they be responsible for disinfecting the tanning unit.

Tan Plus was founded in February 1987. It is owned and operated by Ray and June Allard.  Ray's involvement in the indoor suntanning industry began in 1982 in salon management and as a product and equipment distributor. Essentials Of Life was officially established in June, 1995, after several years of studying the impact of nutritional deprivation on health and the environmental causes of degenerative disease.

At Tan Plus, we believe in the importance of moderate suntanning, without burning . As a responsible tanning salon, we think you should know about the health benefits and also be aware of the risks.
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