A Breakthrough In Massage Therapy...   PowerWave Dry Hydromassage

Your Answer To Combating Stress, Fighting Fatigue, And Improving Health Both Conveniently And Affordably.

Using the most advanced technology, the PowerWave delivers a potent combination of heat, massage, and hydrotherapy...providing similar benefits to a sauna, whirlpool and traditional massage...But All At Once!

The Convenient and Affordable Alternative To Traditional Massage

Have you put off having a massage because your budget can't afford it, you have to wait too long to get an appointment, or it doesn't fit in with your hectic schedule? Maybe you just feel uncomfortable being touched or you just want to relax and not have to talk with your therapist?

With the PowerWave you choose the type of massage you want-light surface or deep tissue-by adjusting the pressure on your hand-held remote. You control the speed in which the water travels up and down the length of your body-a faster current increases circulation, a slower one allows the massage to work more intensely on one part of the body. Your session takes place in a completely private room...you even control the lighting.

PowerWave is appropriate for everyone and can relieve the symptoms of back pain, sore muscles, stress, arthritis, and can increase circulation and metabolism. It has been especially helpful to sufferers of Fibromyalgia.

Full Body Massage • Fully Clothed • Completely Dry
Without Being Touched • In Your Own Private Room

PowerWave Dual Jet System • Two Types Of Massage...At The Same Time

Triple Action Wave Jets...

• Narrow Directed Streams Of Water • Deep Muscle Penetration • Simulates Shiatzu
RotoStream Jets...

• Large & Wide Pulsating Streams Of Water • Soothing Surface Massage • Simulates Swedish Massage



Effective Helpful For....

Stress Management : • Relaxation • Tension • Fatigue • Insomnia

Increasing Circulation : • Increase Metabolism • Raise Energy Level • Promote Weight Loss • Body Detoxification
• Improve Fat Burning • Cellulite Reduction

Pain Relief : • Back Pain • Headaches • Sore Muscles • Arthritis • Fibromyalgia

 • Receive A Full Body Massage In As Few As 15 Minutes!
• Perfect For Your Lunch Break... After Work Or An Anytime Pick-Me Up!
• 30 Minute Treatment Equal To One Full Hour Of Traditional Massage!

• Single Treatments Are At A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Traditional Massage!
• Packages And Programs Save You Even More!
• A Healthy Indulgence You Can Afford To Do Every Week!
Make Time For Better Health  Fifteen or thirty minutes...That's all it takes!

The PowerWave will leave you feeling mentally relaxed and physically rejuvenated.

A regular program of two or more Dry Hydromassage treatments per week can have a substantial impact on long-term health and well-being.

Massage....Have It Your Way!

You rest in our salons' private room on PowerWave's waterproof surface barrier. You have total control of your massage treatment including adjusting the room lighting. There is no need to disrobe or get wet. You have the choice to lay on your back, stomach or side ...whatever feels most comfortable to you.

The PowerWave's patented massage system delivers both a high volume and high pressure wave of water directed at the barrier. The PowerWave produces a wave which travels up and down the length of the body. As you rest, the PowerWave gives you a comprehensive massage, working away all the stress, tension, and fatigue which are so common with today's busy lifestyles.

Because everyone is different, a hand-held control gives you the power to customize your own treatment. A choice of ten pressure settings assures that anyone from a forty pound child to a four hundred pound football player is going to get a massage that feels good and is effective.

By adjusting the wave speed, you can vary the impact of your treatment. A faster wave speed creates more of a circulatory increase, while a slower wave speed allows for deeper massage penetration.

The PowerWave also allows you to target specific areas. By isolating wave movement, you can give special attention to places like the lower back, calves, neck or shoulders...anywhere tension or stress can accumulate.

In minutes, your body will start to feel both relaxed and energized. Soon you will feel ready to return to your day..rested and revitalized.

Experience The Health Benefits...

The instant your treatment begins, the PowerWave triggers your body into action...loosening and relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure, and stimulating the release of pain relieving endorphins. Along with promoting lymphatic drainage, the increase in blood flow helps to eliminate toxins and waste trapped in the body. The PowerWave also promotes the reduction of muscle soreness and swelling.

Additionally, PowerWave users have reported that their weight loss programs have been enhanced through weekly treatments. Calorie burning is amplified through a metabolic increase...resulting in heightened energy levels while promoting weight loss at the same time.

The circulatory increase oxygenates the blood, speeding the delivery of nutrients to the body's cells. Detoxification, another PowerWave benefit, also helps eliminate excess water-weight from the body.

As treatment continues, your mental state will regain focus and clarity. The PowerWave helps your body function more efficiently while providing a rejuvenating escape from the daily grind.

The PowerWave's effects can provide assistance in helping you maximize your workout regimen. The heightened circulation helps remove lactic acid stored in muscle tissue. This allows for a quicker return to workouts and an improve range of motion. In addition, muscle tissue that has been strained during physical activity can be rehabilitated faster through the stretching and relaxation that is encouraged by the powerful wave motion.

Important Information

PowerWave is listed as a class II physical medicine device under the FDA 510 (k) program. While Dry Hydromassage Therapy is beneficial for most people, it is not a replacement for traditional medicine. If you suffer from chronic or acute medical conditions you should seek the advice of your doctor or medical professional before beginning a Dry Hydromassage Therapy program. Dry Hydromassage increases circulation. Anyone who is taking one or more prescription drugs may experience a higher level of drug distribution throughout the body. This may increase the side effects of some medications such as dry mouth or dizziness. This tends to be especially true with the elderly or those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
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