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At Tan Plus, we believe that a tanning session should be relaxing and enjoyable.  It should take place in a clean, comfortable and totally private atmosphere. We don't mix hair services with tanning, so you won't have to breathe in perm, nail or other chemicals during your session.  

With the aid of powerful exhaust fans , our custom designed ventilation duct system enables hot air from each booth to be drawn up (not blowing down on you) and out of the building for a more comfortable session.  Heat and other contaminants are not blown directly on you.   To further insure cleanliness and health, we remove tanning lamps and clean our systems periodically, even between lamp changes. Internal components of booths are cleaned and vacuumed free of dust. Our salons' air purification system operates 24/7 (utilizing ozone and ionization) to insure that the air and HVAC ductwork is free of dust, mold, and other potential contaminants.

Some of us, most unknowingly, are affected negatively by low levels of radiation (a.k.a. Electro Magnetic Frequency sensitivity) produced by electrical and electronic appliances.  We have installed a Circuit Breaker Diode to effectively neutralize the harmful effects of EMF radiation produced by lighting and tanning unit ballasts, computers and all of our salon’s electrical devices.

Short-Effective Sessions

Tan Plus features specially engineered suntanning booths that utilize a high-powered ballast system (1500 m.a. vs. 800 m.a. in most other booths and beds), so as to accommodate a 168 watt VHO (very high output) tanning lamp. Due to different type ballasts most other units are limited to using 100 watt tanning lamps.  

Does More Power Mean Higher Risk?  Higher lamp wattage and timely lamp changes assure results in shorter-more effective tanning sessions (10 minute sessions every other day to build a tan and one or two 10 minute sessions a week to maintain a tan). You won't have to tan every day for 20 to 30 minutes to achieve a tan and several times a week to maintain one at Tan Plus. Not only will you save more money over the long term, but those long, more frequent exposures to UV radiation may increase chances of eventual damage due to extreme drying and dehydration of your skin.

Scheduled Lamp Changes

If a restaurant posted a sign that read "Fresh Food Today", wouldn't you question the freshness of the food you had been served in the past, and what about tomorrow?  In the same respect, we feel that no tanning salon should have to display a "new bulbs" sign to tell you that the lamps have been replaced.  The conscientious tanning salon operator keeps track of lamp hours and never lets the bulbs go past their effective tanning range.  
At Tan Plus, lamps are changed and equipment thoroughly maintained on a regular basis.  Just as you would expect the food in a restaurant to always be fresh, so should the lamps at a tanning salon.  Besides, the lamps in a busy salon may become ineffective long before the sign comes down.

Totally Private Tanning Rooms

Floor to ceiling tanning room walls assure maximum privacy.  Dressing room doors lock for your added peace of mind.  After all, a tanning session is also an escape from phones, kids, and other every day stresses of today's fast-paced world.  Music with individual volume controls is provided in each booth.

Professionally Managed

Since tanning affects the bodies' largest organ...the skin, it is most important for tanning personnel to be properly trained and knowledgeable in the health and care of the skin.  This includes setting timers according to skin types, knowledge of equipment, effects of medications, and the proper care of tanned skin.  
All-to-often, to cheapen the price of tanning services, untrained personnel or self-service tanning becomes the norm.  We believe that no tanning facility should operate on a self-service basis.  That is, the customer should not be allowed to set and control their tanning time nor should they be responsible for disinfecting the tanning unit before or after their session.    

Competitive Pricing

As you may have already discovered, service businesses like restaurants and hair and tanning salons are not all created equal..  
Paying the lowest price doesn't always mean getting the best value.  If you have ever been dissatisfied with the food or service at a restaurant, or had a bad experience at a beauty salon, you know what we mean.  Likewise, if you are not getting results after a few tanning sessions, you may be losing time and money, in addition to exposing your skin unnecessarily to UV rays.  While some people have skin types that make it difficult to tan, most are capable of achieving a tan.  But, ineffective tanning equipment or lamps that are past their effective tanning life can prolong results for even those that normally tan easily.
While many of us involved in the tanning industry are considerate of your health, time, and hard earned money, there are those who put profits before people.  By cutting corners and using gimmicks they not only jeopardize the credibility of the professional tanning salon, but ultimately cost you more in time and money in the long run while possibly putting your health at risk.

What's Your  Time Worth?

In a world where every minute counts the phrase "gotta run" seems to be all-too-common.  Free time has really become a commodity.  Yet it seems that many businesses of all types fail to respect and appreciate your  free time?   At Tan Plus, we understand that we are in business for you and because of you.  With the exception of an unusual circumstance, your session will take place on or before your scheduled time.  Walk-ins are scheduled on a first come first served basis.

About Your Appointment...
You are expected to arrive at least a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so you will be ready to begin your session on time.  This will avoid the possibility of losing your allotted time to a walk-in customer.  If you are running late, please let us know as soon as possible so you can be re-scheduled to a later time.  Appointments or walk-ins will be accepted up to 15 minutes before our scheduled closing times.  Single sessions are set up in fifteen minute blocks of time (10 minutes tanning and 5 minutes for changing).  Please shut off cell phones and use the rest room, not tanning dressing room, if reapplying make-up.

NH Tanning Regulations

The New Hampshire State Legislature passed House Bill 729, which became effective January 2005. The bill requires the Board of Barbering, Cosmetology, and Esthetics to regulate tanning facilities. The New Hampshire statute, RSA 313-A:1, 26-34, are laws specific to the operation of tanning facilities.  Businesses that offer tanning services must be registered with the Board as a tanning facility. All operators of tanning equipment must be at least 18 years old and must be individually trained and certified by a Board-approved program and instructor.

313-A:31 pertains to tanning of minors:

I. No person under the age of 18 shall be allowed to utilize a tanning device at a tanning facility without the written consent of that person's parent or legal guardian and without an operator present. Proof of age shall be satisfied with a driver's license or other government issued identification containing date of birth and a photograph of the individual. This consent requirement shall be satisfied only if the parent or legal guardian is physically present at the time of the initial use of the tanning device, and the responsible adult signs a document declaring that he or she is the parent or legal guardian of the minor and attesting to the age of the minor. The consent of the parent or legal guardian shall be valid for 12 subsequent uses of the tanning device by the minor.

II. No minors under the age of 14 shall be allowed to utilize a tanning device at a tanning facility without a written order from a physician licensed under RSA 329. Persons using a tanning facility under the provisions of this paragraph shall be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for every use of the tanning facility.

Tanning and Eye Protection

Unprotected eyes are at risk for loss of night vision, loss of color vision, loss of visual acuity, increased light sensitivity, and pain and swelling resulting from corneal burns. Only FDA compliant eyewear will filter out both uv-a and uv-b light. Failure to use protective eyewear while tanning can lead to brunescent cataracts and may result in damage to the cornea and retina of the eyes. Merely closing your eyes will not protect them from uv penetration.

We sell FDA compliant eyewear that meets the requirements of 21CFR Part 1040.20 (c) (4) as required under NH Tanning Regulations.  Under state regulations eyewear shall not be re-used by another consumer and shall not be altered in any manner that would change its use as intended by the manufacturer such as removal of straps.
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