Legacy Leg Tanner And TanStuff Plus - Solutions For Hard-To-Tan Legs

Due to poor circulation and lack of adequate moisture (dryness), legs are slower tanning.

Open The Clamshell Top, Relax In The Adjustable Swivel Chair, And Prepare To Experience Fast And Effective Tanning From Your Hips To Your Toes.

In A Hurry?
Tanning In The Legacy Is A Maximum Of 10 Minutes To Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

Healthy, Clean & Relaxing  • Scheduled Lamp Changes  
Totally Private Tanning Rooms  • Professionally Managed

Short-Effective Sessions

Fast...Effective 10 Minute Sessions.  36 Reflector Tanning Lamps ...Assures Even All-Around Leg Tanning.  
Variable Speed Cooling Fan Provides No Sweat Tanning.

Individual Sessions

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• No Expiration
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Single (10 minutes)

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5 Sessions.. reg.  27.00
10 Sessions... reg.  42.50
15 Sessions... reg.  58.50
20 Sessions... reg.  72.00

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TanStuff Plus

TanStuff Plus has been specially formulated by our chemist for legs and other hard-to-tan areas. Using our Natural Tanstuff formula as a foundation, we enriched it with extra organic and natural extracts to replenish and nourish your skin .

TanStuff Plus was created because tanned skin requires special care. Your skin will feel so soft and supple you will want to use it on your face and other areas as well. It is also beneficial as a moisturizer, after tanning too. Formulated with 20% tyrosine and other essential amino acids, LegStuff is also one of the most powerful tanning products on the market today. The added amino acids act as catalysts to increase the skins' ability to absorb the tyrosine.

Note: Tyrosine is a natural amino acid derived from proteins. It interacts with the skins' melanin to speed up the tanning process. Most products contain less than 7% Tyrosine.

While TanStuff Plus has been designed for indoor tanning use, Sesame Oil, a natural sunscreen, has been added to help minimize redness.

All of our products are "Tanning Bed Safe"

Non-sticky • Non-greasy • Cooling and Soothing • Natural Fragrance & Fragrance-Free

4.0 oz.size..... $14.00
9.0 oz.size..... $26.50  (with fragrance or Fragrance-Free)

Ingredients: aloe vera,1st cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil,sesame oil,,sunflower oil ,safflower oil,aloe oil,hydrating essential oil complex,coffee extract,carrot extract,tea extract,hydrolyzed protein,tyrosine,copper,riboflavin,silk amino proteins,beta-carotene,algae extract,carbomer-940, panthenol,allantoin,aromic extracts,triethanolamine,dmdm hydantoin (preservative formula).

TanStuff Plus Will Not Only Help You Achieve A Super-Dark Tan But Will Leave Your Skin So Soft And Supple,
It May Become Habit-Forming.

What's Your  Time Worth?

In a world where every minute counts the phrase "gotta run" seems to be all-too-common.  Free time has really become a commodity.  Yet it seems that many businesses of all types fail to respect and appreciate your  free time?   At Tan Plus, we understand that we are in business for you and because of you.  With the exception of an unusual circumstance, your session will take place on or before your scheduled time.  Walk-ins are scheduled on a first come first served basis.

About Your Appointment...
You are expected to arrive at least a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so you will be ready to begin your session on time.  This will avoid the possibility of losing your allotted time to a walk-in customer.  If you are running late, please let us know as soon as possible so you can be re-scheduled to a later time.  Appointments or walk-ins will be accepted up to 15 minutes before our scheduled closing times.  Single sessions are set up in fifteen minute blocks of time (10 minutes tanning and 5 minutes for changing).  Please shut off cell phones and use the rest room, not tanning dressing room, if reapplying make-up.

NH Tanning Regulations

The New Hampshire State Legislature passed House Bill 729, which became effective January 2005. The bill requires the Board of Barbering, Cosmetology, and Esthetics to regulate tanning facilities. The New Hampshire statute, RSA 313-A:1, 26-34, are laws specific to the operation of tanning facilities.  Businesses that offer tanning services must be registered with the Board as a tanning facility. All operators of tanning equipment must be at least 18 years old and must be individually trained and certified by a Board-approved program and instructor.

313-A:31 pertains to tanning of minors:

I. No person under the age of 18 shall be allowed to utilize a tanning device at a tanning facility without the written consent of that person's parent or legal guardian and without an operator present. Proof of age shall be satisfied with a driver's license or other government issued identification containing date of birth and a photograph of the individual. This consent requirement shall be satisfied only if the parent or legal guardian is physically present at the time of the initial use of the tanning device, and the responsible adult signs a document declaring that he or she is the parent or legal guardian of the minor and attesting to the age of the minor. The consent of the parent or legal guardian shall be valid for 12 subsequent uses of the tanning device by the minor.

II. No minors under the age of 14 shall be allowed to utilize a tanning device at a tanning facility without a written order from a physician licensed under RSA 329. Persons using a tanning facility under the provisions of this paragraph shall be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for every use of the tanning facility.

Tanning and Eye Protection

Unprotected eyes are at risk for loss of night vision, loss of color vision, loss of visual acuity, increased light sensitivity, and pain and swelling resulting from corneal burns. Only FDA compliant eyewear will filter out both uv-a and uv-b light. Failure to use protective eyewear while tanning can lead to brunescent cataracts and may result in damage to the cornea and retina of the eyes. Merely closing your eyes will not protect them from uv penetration.
We sell FDA compliant eyewear that meets the requirements of 21CFR Part 1040.20 (c) (4) as required under NH Tanning Regulations.  Under state regulations eyewear shall not be re-used by another consumer and shall not be altered in any manner that would change its use as intended by the manufacturer such as removal of straps.
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Legacy Leg Tanner
 Experience “Real Health” Naturally
Legacy Leg Tanner
 Experience “Real Health” Naturally