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The Brightness Of Spring... For The Dark Days Of Winter

Tan Plus Offers light therapy sessions featuring the Aurora™ 10,000 lux Bright Light System. Commonly referred to as a "lightbox", the Aurora is specifically engineered for those who have shown to be adversely affected by the lack of natural sunlight during the dark and depressing fall and winter months. The condition is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or winter depression.

Light therapy, also called bright light therapy or phototherapy, has been used to treat SAD since the early 1980s. Many mental health professionals now consider light therapy to be standard treatment for seasonal affective disorder.

Since 1995, under the Essentials Of Life division, Tan Plus has sold the Aurora™ light boxes and other "natural" lighting products in partnership with Lumiram, the largest manufacturer of full spectrum lighting for home, office, and industry.

Light therapy units do not emit UV rays and therefore do not produce a tan or vitamin D. As with all Tan Plus services, light therapy is provided in a completely private room. While using the light box you can listen to music on your IPod, read a book or magazine, do paperwork on the desk provided, or just relax and meditate.

The light box has been mounted at the recommended distance for the desired intensity. You sit directly in front of the unit as the light shines into your eyes. The eyes need be open, and sunglasses should not be worn. You may prefer to look at the light box briefly at regular intervals. The light box intensity of 10,000 lux is much brighter than normal indoor light which is usually 300-500 lux, but not as bright as summer sunlight which can be as bright as 100,000 lux.

Light Box

Light Therapy Price List

Single Session..$ 6.00 (20 minutes)
Long Session ...$ 9.00 (30 minutes)

5 Sessions...$ 27.00
10 Sessions...$ 42.50
15 Sessions...$ 58.50
20 Sessions...$ 72.00

Session Packages Can Be Used For Light Therapy or Tanning (Booth or Legacy), Never Expire and May Be Shared or Transferred.  

Light therapy has potential benefits for people with SAD and may be helpful if you:

• Don't want to take medications such as antidepressants
• Can't tolerate the side effects of antidepressants
• Tried antidepressants but they haven't been effective
• Want an alternative to psychotherapy
• Are pregnant and concerned about the effects of antidepressants on your developing fetus
• Lack insurance coverage for mental health services

Light therapy may be helpful in treating conditions other than SAD. However, it shouldn't be a substitute for standard treatment. And keep in mind that little research has been done using light therapy for other disorders. These other disorders may include:

• Depression other than seasonal affective disorder
• Obsessive-compulsive disorder
• Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
• Postpartum depression
• Some forms of insomnia

Learn More About SAD And Light Therapy
Purchase The Aurora™ Bright Light System For Home Or Office

The Aurora™ Bright Light System provides 10,000 Lux of bright, color balanced, sun-like ray's at a distance of 36" (12,000 Lux at 24"), which, unlike most other light boxes, does not require close sitting.
Note: Lux is a unit used to measure light intensity. Indoor light levels range from 200 to 700 lux, while outdoor light levels, on a sunny spring day, range from 2,000 to well beyond 10,000 lux.

Aurora uses the latest high power and high C.R.I. fluorescent technology to best simulate the sun's rays. (Lumiram, high lumen output, with patented unique phosphor blend full spectrum fluorescents). Aurora utilizes an advanced flicker-free high power factor electronic ballast for consistent operation and is equipped with a special prismatic lens for comfortable, glare-free light distribution, and total protection from U.V. rays and electromagnetic radiations.

How To Use Light Therapy

The most common device used for bright light therapy is a fluorescent light box, which produces a light intensity of 2,500 to 10,000 lux at a comfortable distance (1-2'). Light box intensity ratings are always at a given distance. Fewer headaches and eyestrain are associated with using balanced spectrum light.

The light box is placed in front of the user at the recommended distance for the desired intensity. One should be directly in front of the unit as the light shines into the user's eyes. The eyes need be open, and sunglasses should not be worn. Some may be instructed to look at the light box briefly at regular intervals. The light box intensity of 10,000 lux is much brighter than normal indoor light which is usually 300-500 lux, but not as bright as summer sunlight which can be as bright as 100,000 lux.

The Aurora™ bright light system provides a measured amount of balanced spectrum light equivalent to standing outdoors on a clear spring day. This has been shown to help regulate the body clock. Photo biologists point out that the light is registered by the eyes through the retina, which then transfers impulses to the hypothalamus in the brain to normalize the body clock function. The light from the box will help synchronize sleep/wake patterns with one's work and lifestyle.

Regular daily usage of the Aurora™ bright light systems at the same time each day is recommended until symptoms disappear. After that period the patient may be able to cut session time or split a half-hour morning session into 15 minutes each in the morning and afternoon. Once a routine is established, most people can skip a couple of days without ill-effects. However, by the third day without light therapy most Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers will see symptoms return. Light therapy sessions should begin at the time of the year before symptoms become obvious or distressing. Most patients will discontinue use in the spring when they receive enough natural light. The times when usage is necessary can be greatly affected by the amount of sunlight or cloudy rainy weather.

It is possible to overuse a light box. Overuse can result in irritability and agitation, which is often followed by fatigue. Irritability, agitation and initial eyestrain for 1-3 days appear to be the main side effects. Inducing mania is seen in about 1% of light box users and mild hypomania may occur from persistent overuse. Some drugs make patients photosensitive, as can contact lenses, and those patients may need to be conservative when using staring light therapy. Those on antidepressants can often reduce their dosage, with their doctor's consent, once light therapy becomes effective.

Given the effectiveness of treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder, it would be a shame for anyone suffering from SAD not to seek help. SAD is often correctly self-diagnosed and anyone can purchase light devices. Nevertheless, other illness factors may be at play, and seeking the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner in both the diagnosis and treatment of SAD is highly recommended. (Usage patterns outlined herein represent those most typically given by current clinical practices. They are not intended to encourage self-prescription or to contradict an individual's prescribed therapy.)

Note: Tan Plus and Lumiram makes no medical claims and it is recommended to consult your physician or therapist on how to use light therapy.  

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