Unlimited Tanning Memberships...The Downside

The sale of unlimited tanning memberships at cheap prices has become a common practice as the popularity of indoor tanning increases and everybody tends to jump into a tanning business. More often than not, though, the customer ends up losing.

The lower the session price the less chance for a business to recover the cost of producing an effective tanning session. Tanning equipment is usually low power (100 watt lamps vs. 168 watt ). Lamps quickly become outdated and too expensive for the business to replace in a timely manner. Tanning salons offering these programs may also get overbooked by letting a few people schedule many appointments in advance. You may have paid only $ 30.00 or less for a month of unlimited tanning, but if you only were able to get five appointments, you've paid $ 6.00 per session. Not only have you wasted money and time... but you may also end up tan-less.

A credible tanning salon encourages smart-moderate tanning (no more than every other day to build a tan and one to three times a week to maintain). Unlimited tanning memberships promote tanning abuse, as the customer will want to tan one or more times a day to get their "moneysworth" even at the expense of burning and damaging their skin.

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