What's Up With The "New Bulbs" Signs?

If a restaurant posted a sign that read "Fresh Food Today", wouldn't you question the freshness of the food you had been served in the past, and what about tomorrow?

In the same respect, we feel that no tanning salon should have to display a "new bulbs" sign to tell you that the lamps have been replaced. The conscientious tanning salon operator keeps track of lamp hours and never lets the bulbs go past their effective tanning range.

At Tan Plus, lamps are changed and equipment thoroughly maintained on a regular basis. Just as you would expect the food in a restaurant to always be fresh, so should the lamps at a tanning salon. Besides, the lamps in a busy salon may become ineffective long before the sign comes down, if it ever does.

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The products featured on our website contain a complete ingredients list with explanation of the purpose and benefit of the ingredients used.  Many skincare products claim to be “Natural” and sell from $50.00 to $150.00 yet the product manufacturers will not disclose their full list of ingredients on their websites.  What Are They Afraid Of?
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