What Is A "Super Booth"?

In a strong economy, indoor tanning, like many types of businesses, becomes very competitive. Since intelligent tanners discovered that salons offering the lowest prices were not the best value, the term "super booth" was invented to justify price increases and an attempt to compete on a different level.

Tanning units are classified as either HO(high output), with ballasts that limit salons to using 100 watt lamps, or VHO (very high output), systems with ballasts that use 168 watt lamps. Most units are manufactured as HO, which are less expensive to purchase and re-lamp.

Salons with low wattage(HO) units sometimes use lamps with a high UVB (burning) ratio and consider their units to be "super booths or beds" But, high UVB lamps only increase the tanners' chances of burning, especially those with sensitive skin types. Burning is neither a safe nor effective method of tanning.

Tan Plus features specially engineered booths that utilize a high-powered ballast system (1500 m.a. vs. 800 m.a.in HO units) to accommodate a 168 watt VHO (very high output) tanning lamp. No other system is more powerful. All of our booths are the same and lamp hours are carefully monitored and changed in a timely manner.

In reality the term "super booth or bed" is merely a marketing tool. But, if the tanning client is not satisfied with the results...there is really nothing "super" about it.

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