Why Is The Media Afraid To Talk With Me About Tanning?
By Ray Allard (Tan Plus/Essentials Of Life)

In light of the many anti-sun and anti-tanning articles appearing in various media publications both local and national and the recent under 18 tanning salon legislation here in New Hampshire, I feel it is time that the media spoke with someone that has actually tanned indoors, moderately and consistently, year round since 1982.

Since last month (May) was designated “National Skin Cancer Awareness Month” by the media and medical establishment, I felt it appropriate to offer my story as an alternative to the onslaught of anti-tanning articles published by the MSM (Main Stream Media).  I contacted  local and regional newspapers (2 reporters from Foster’s Daily Democrat, Seacoast Online aka The Portsmouth Herald, and The Union Leader) by email, to meet with them and offer a different perspective on tanning and skin cancer.  That was nearly a month ago and I have yet to receive a reply.

Why Bite The Hand That Feeds Them?  Their Biggest Advertisers Support The Anti-Tanning Movement.

Scan any print publication and you will quickly realize that the lions share of print advertising dollars comes from the medical and cosmetic industry. An article that raises questions or causes doubt regarding the current beliefs on skin cancer and tanning will go against their advertisers agenda and not be in best financial interests of the media.  

I am 70 years old, have owned and operated Tan Plus in Somersworth, NH since 1987 and involved in the industry since 1982. This is what the msm does not want you to know:

I have tanned indoors 1-3 times per week, year round, since 1982
I do not have skin that resembles a prune.  
I never applied any sunscreen to my skin.
I have never taken any medications, nor have any need to.
I do not have skin cancer or any indications or any fear that I will. 
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The media continues to line up their favorate medical “experts” employing fear to attack the tanning industry and enhance their agenda.  While claiming to protect their patients from this “harmful” practice, the same medical doctors continue to push drugs (aka “meds”) that result in further complications and ultimately, death in the long term.  

Dermatologists, while frightening their patients out of the sun and tanning salons, do not hesitate in prescribing harmful drugs like Accutane to acne-prone teens.  Accutane, by admission of their manufacturer (Roche) sports side effects that include depression, psychosis, acute pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and vision and hearing impairment.  According to the FDA, between 1998 and 2000 Accutane was linked with at least 160 cases of suicide, attempted suicide, suicidal thoughts, and hospitalization-more than 50 cases per year.  In 1990, the FDA estimated that since the drug's introduction in 1982, there had been 11,000 to 13,000 Accutane-related abortions, and 900 to 1100 Accutane-related birth defects.

Why Not “Ask Your Doctor If Tanning Is Right For You”?

The U.S. has been designated as having the Most Expensive-Least Effective healthcare system in the world, yet people continue to rely on advice on diet and lifestyle from their primary care doctors and pharmaceutical companies.  Todays medical doctors are trained to push drugs by pharmaceutical reps that have little or no knowledge of how the body’s organs function.  The typical unsolicited programmed advice from your doctor would be “I don’t want you to tan.”  

So What Is A Doctor’s  Recommendations To Sun And Tanning?
Avoid The Sun And Tanning Altogether - Although indoor tanning salons are allowed to advertise and promote only the cosmetic effects of tanning, many studies show that ultraviolet light has positive health effects on our bodies. Sunlight is our only reliable source of vitamin D, which is a factor in decreasing our risks of contracting breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, cancers of the blood and lymph tissues, and even osteoporosis. Cancer incidences have actually been found to be lower in sunny climates.  Sunshine is the source of all life and energy on our planet.  Every form of life on Earth can trace its beginnings to the energy transmitted every day in sunshine.

We have an developed epidemic of vitamin D deficiency since people are spending very little time outdoors.  To compensate, doctors are prescribing very high doses of vitamin D supplements which can become toxic to the body and calcify the bones.
You cannot overdose on vitamin D derived from the sun or uv exposures.

Use A Sunscreen - When you use sunscreen your body is absorbing synthetic chemicals, and with the "so called" experts' recommendations to apply generous amounts of the product every few hours, you will likely be absorbing a fair amount. Is it merely a coincidence that sunscreen sales have skyrocketed and so has skin cancer? In addition, sunscreen has been added to make-up and most skincare products. If sunscreen was such a miracle potion, shouldn't skin cancer have been irradiated by now?

The evidence against most sunscreen ingredients has been mounting. A vitamin A compound, retinyl palmitate, found in 41 percent of sunscreens, is finally being investigated by the FDA. The FDA's data suggests that retinyl palmitate may be photocarcinogenic, meaning that in the presence of the sun's ultraviolet rays, the compound and skin undergo complex biochemical changes resulting in cancer. Another sunscreen chemical, oxybenzone, a hormone-disrupting compound that penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream, has been detected by the Centers of Disease Control in the bodies of 97 percent of Americans tested.

Get A Spray Tan - Since the late 1990's Tan Plus, as well as most tanning salons worldwide, have been solicited by spray tanning equipment and solution distributors to add their "safe UV alternative" as a service at our salon. Due to our concerns about the short and long term potential health affects of the chemical, DHA (dihydroxyacetone) used as the coloring agent, we declined to offer spray tanning. We would not apply this chemical to our own skin so we could not justify doing this to our customers. Your skin is like a sponge. What you put on it will eventually be absorbed into the blood stream. We have been openly critical of dihydroxyacetone used in spray tanning as well as other chemicals used in sunscreen and "tingle factor" lotions.  Sunless tanning is strictly cosmetic with no protection from sunburn and does not provide any benefit of vitamin D synthesis.

Needless to say, many tanning salons and even dermatologists jumped on the spray tanning bandwagon as a way to boost revenues. Most disturbing to me was that doctors took their authoritative position to persuade their patients, even pregnant women, to spray tan while providing absolutely no evidence of the safety of the chemical, dihydroxyacetone and without any concern of the potential affects to the fetus.

After thorough review, six medical experts in areas ranging across the fields of dermatology, toxicology and pulmonary medicine have concluded that the active chemical used in spray tans, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), has the potential to cause genetic alterations and DNA damage. The panel of medical experts reviewed 10 of the most-current publicly available scientific studies on DHA for ABC News (06/12/12), including a federal report ABC News obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

New Hampshire’s Under Age 18 Tanning Ban: House Bill 136 - The Hidden Agenda

This bill makes it unlawful for a person under the age of 18 to use a tanning device at a registered tanning facility in this state.
HB136 Section II. This section shall not apply to any physician, advanced practiced registered nurse, or physician assistant licensed under RSA 329, RSA 326-B, or RSA 328-D, respectively, who, in his or her practice, uses or prescribes to be used a phototherapy device with respect to a patient of any age.

The medical establishment considers tanning and uv exposure to be unsafe, yet they are perfectly willing to take control of the tanning business that will be lost by licensed tanning facilities and turn an average $6.00 tanning session into a $60.00 “phototherapy” session and bill insurance for the charge.  Something doesn’t smell right to me.

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