Isn't Tanning Unhealthy ?

Tan Plus has grown and become more diversified since our inception in 1987, but not in a direction many would have expected. We expanded into the field of "natural' preventive healthcare. Anyone that isn't a Tan Plus customer or hasn't read our newsletters or subscribed to our monthly ezine may question the connection between tanning and health.

"But, Isn't Tanning Supposed To Be Unhealthy"?

In 1995, in establishing the components of our new division, Essentials Of Life (nutrition, water, air, and light), we began studying the impact of nutritional deprivation on health and the environmental causes of degenerative disease. We favored nature over science in developing our product lines. Our research further solidified our beliefs that light, especially sunlight, is an essential nutrient.

Numerous credible studies indicate that the sun and tanning in moderation may, in fact, be a critical component in achieving optimum health. Tanning is the body's natural reaction to sunlight. Your body is designed to tan to protect itself from sunburn. While studies suggest that heredity, poor diet, and repeated sunburn at an early age may be the biggest risk factors related to skin cancer, no research has ever shown a causative link between moderate sun exposures and skin cancer.

Sunscreen-related industries make billions of dollars each year scaring people out of the sun. Is it merely a coincidence that the same media (t.v. and magazines) that air or publish anti-sun features also generate millions of dollars in revenues from sunscreen and cosmetic product advertisers?

We have found sunlight and UV exposures in moderation to play a major role in the prevention of many degenerative diseases through vitamin D synthesis, necessary for calcium absorption. The visible spectrum of sunlight has also proven to be important in helping those suffering from depression, especially winter depression ( SAD). Sunlight and tanning are, therefore, very much a part of "natural health" and a key component of the division we created in 1995... Essentials Of Life.

In his book "Light:Medicine Of The Future", Jacob Liberman, O.D., PhD., may have put it best in reference to the importance of sun exposures:

Are We Supposed To Dismiss Five Million Years Of Evolution Because Science Doesn't Understand The Supreme Wisdom Of Nature? Could Many Of Our Health Problems Today Be A Result Of Our Own Chronic Impatience And Demand For Fast Food, Fast Cars, And A Fast Suntan?

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